Keeping things moving

Freeway intersection

From a friendly greeting and thank-you delivered by a toll collector along a busy highway, to the smooth passage of hundreds of thousands of vehicles each day through cashless electronic toll systems, Faneuil provides customer-facing and back-office services to keep things moving.

Electronic Toll Collection

To support electronic tolling programs, Faneuil operates multichannel customer care centers that assist consumers in establishing and replenishing pre-paid transponder accounts that allow them to travel roadways without stopping to pay tolls or incur supplemental charges. In partnership with some of the world’s leading designers of electronic toll systems, we also offer in-lane and back-office systems and services that assign transponders to customers with pre-paid accounts, record and videotape each vehicle in passage, and produces images of license plates from non-prepaid vehicles for further research. Faneuil’s staff provides additional support including notifications and invoicing, violations processing, collections, the personal service of summonses to violators, and representation of toll authorities in court proceedings targeting violators. We also monitor and track incidents along the roadway, as well as provide messaging to advise motorists of accidents, construction, detours and other conditions that could affect their travel.

In addition, Faneuil establishes distribution partnerships with retailers to provide consumers convenient access to transponders while also promoting their time-saving and cost benefits.

Manual Revenue Collection

For transportation authorities that rely on manual toll collection, Faneuil provides professional uniformed attendants and full accountability for all revenue, including collections, counting, reconciliation, depositing, transporting, reporting and auditing – all conducted in secure, monitored environments around the clock, every day of the year.

Our management and scheduling of staff across wide geographic areas ensure that all shifts are filled with little to no overtime and that all lanes remain open to traffic. And as some pay-for-use roadways are in scenic settings where electricity is not available and construction of permanent facilities would detract from the natural beauty, we design innovative tolling solutions – such as using handheld electronic devices to record the paid entry of vehicles on pristine, sandy beaches.

Helping motorists reach their destinations in the safest and most expedient manner possible is the continuing objective of our transportation programs. In both manual and electronic operations, the road to world-class customer care begins and ends with Faneuil.

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